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The highest guaranteed accuracy available.

Our hexapods offer the highest positioning system accuracy – guaranteed with published specifications and performance plots.

Choose Aerotech hexapods when you need top performance and sub-micrometer precision.

Our ultra-precise hexapod positioners deliver industry-leading accuracy and repeatability. Designed for high load capacities, large travels and high speeds, they’re ideal for x-ray diffraction, sensor testing, high-force applications and more. 


Aerotech hexapods are simple to control, too, thanks to our powerful, intuitive programming interfaces – so you don’t have to worry about any complex coding.

Featured Product

Designed for precision, with guaranteed positioning accuracy specifications.

The HexGen HEX500-350HL offers six-degree-of-freedom positioning performance, plus high load capacity and sub-micrometer precision, so you won’t have to compromise on application specifications. It’s superior structural design is ideal for demanding applications.



We guarantee high-accuracy and high-resolution positioning performance to make your process better.



Built to last, our hexapods can handle any 24/7 production operation.

One Controller

One Controller

Easily manage all axes of motion from one user-friendly controller platform.

Industry-Leading Accuracy and Resolution

Aerotech hexapods are the most accurate on the market. Plus, we guarantee our positioning accuracy with published specifications and performance plots. When it comes to resolution, we’re second to none – our hexapods can easily take 20 nanometer steps, measured and verified by an external device.


Simple to Program and Control

Our controllers allow for simple hexapod programming and control. User-friendly features like an intuitive interface and real-time motion visualization help to cut down on implementation time. And because one controller manages all axes of motion, our hexapods integrate seamlessly with other Aerotech motion products.

Turn your precision and automation challenges into process success.

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